There is nothing in a supermarket you can purchase that will match the health benefits gained by drinking Liquid Life Juice!

Health Facts

Helps to relieve or eliminate symptoms
from ailments and illness such as:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • digestive problems
  • cancer
  • the common cold
  • heart issues
  • liver problems
  • hepatitis
  • and more

When you supply your body with the proper nutrients, it will heal itself without the need for supplements, vitamins, and other natural or synthetic nutrients.

Juicing alkalizes, rejuvenates, and slowly cleanses your whole body!

A bit about the ingredients…

Carrots – rich in vitamins A, B,C,D,E,G, and K.

Beets – one of the most valuable vegetables to build up red corpuscles.  This aids in cleansing the liver.

Cucumbers – the best natural diuretics, which help the flow of urine and cleanse the body.

Celery – rich in sodium, which is an important element in the elimination of carbon dioxide from your system.

Peppers – contain an abundance of silicon, which is needed for healthy hair and nails. They are also beneficial to the tear ducts and sebaceous glands.

Greens – dandelions, lettuce, beet greens, and spinach are the best for your overall health.  They contain chlorophyll, which is loaded with vitamins, which help with cellular cleansing.