“I have been juicing for three years and I drink two juices a day. During this time I have felt my energy level increase. Also, I used to get sick all of the time…. whether it was my digestive problem or having the flu. Since I have been juicing my digestive issues have decreased dramatically and I have not caught a cold/flu in the last three years. Thank God for the juice lady”!

– Gloria

“I have been juicing for approximately eight years and have had excellent results from this activity. There are some ailments I have acquired over the years and juicing has incredibly decreased the symptoms of these ailments for certain. For instance: I had heartburn for better than 25 years and was buying ‘Tums’ in the magnum size bottle. I no longer have heartburn and have not had a ‘Tums’ in years. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I took a ‘Tums’ or ‘Rolaids’! Also, for many years I would take a short nap after lunch to rest up. I’ve not had a nap in those eight years. The energy level is just way higher than it used to be and I do not feel tired at mid-day like before. I suffer from psoriasis on my elbows and knees mostly, but the irritated skin has mostly gone away and it does not bother me like it used to. The symptoms are much less than what they used to be!

I feel one of the best benefits from juicing is the enzymes which work in your body and keep it functioning in a more beneficial way regarding your body healing and taking care of itself. I can attest to the results from juicing are numerous and one of my favorite benefits is the curbing of the appetite which helps you eat less and lose weight!

I know that I am luckier than most because I am married to the juice lady and it does make it easier for me to consistently drink this wonderful juice! The vegetable juice is always there and I do not have to clean a juicer! How cool is that? Way….I’m saying! Thank you Terri because I feel much healthier because of you!”

– Kenny

“I have had more energy, felt better and simply enjoyed overall good health! My vision has improved by 25%! Given the fact that I am 57 years old, I would not have expected my vision to actually, “improve” at this point in my life. But it has!”

– Karen Hainen

“I was instantly hooked!! The benefits were immediate. I had so much energy, I felt better right away… Forget about coffee in the morning,, it is now Juice! Terri has managed to perfect her juice so much over the years. I am a true believer that juicing everyday will make you feel 20 years younger. You will not believe the energy you get. It is awesome. I know that by following Terri’s instructions, your health will improve greatly.”

– Sherry Schwebs

“My name is Laura Van Dusen and I am a 45 year old Registered Nurse. I have been using liquid life juice for 4 weeks now. I started using liquid life juice because I have been very tired with menopausal symptoms. I have had hot flashes since the age of 40 and also mood swings. I was just sick of being tired all of the time. I use the juice everyday in the morning to start off my day. I have noticed a change in my mood and in my energy level. The juice makes me feel very healthy and gives me enough energy to start my very hectic day. I will take an extra juice in the middle of my twelve hour shifts to help on the long days of work. I also notice a better balance of my moods and I just feel healthier. I love the liquid life juice and I will continue to use it daily for better health! I also noticed an additional benefit of feeling not as hungry, while using liquid life juice twice a day. In the past two weeks.”

– Laura Van Dusen